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(...)² [29 Dec 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

A new year is coming, but what's new about that or anything related to that? NNothing would be the best answer.. People never change, promises are never actually "followed", things are basically the same! Whoever decided that December 31st should be a "party day" and that January 1st would mean "everything is new! let's start over" wasn't stupid I would have to say. The "new year" usually bring hope to a lot of people.. the thing is: hope doesn't solve problems nor ends wars or give food to hungry people. It's just the very beginning to something, and it maybe it would even be helpful to start changing, but most people's hope only last a couple of days, maybe weeks..

I just read the comments on yesterday's post today.. time change. Bev! That's so cool you're in Orlando, you're probably gonna see A LOT of brazilians in disneyland, as well as a bunch of other tourists! But if you see any cute one you can invite him to go for some SORVETE! ;) Shame on our portuguese "lessons" hahaha About the tan.. you seriously need yo see a picture of me! I don't think I've ever been this tanned, no joking! Whenever I learn how to put pictures here you'll see.. I was almost forgeting..Send me an e-mail with your new address! :)
All of you had snow on christmas this year! I had a extremely hot sunny day.. What still makes me wonder why people in tropical countries have Santa Claus all dressed with winter clothes, and decorates the Christmas Tree (a pine! so tropical!) with something to look like snow! Hm.. Another (?) over Christmas..

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I'm back :) [28 Dec 2004|04:33pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

OMG! It's been forever since I've last wrote here. I was looking over the yearbook and I saw Bev's and Scot's note saying "Update your livejournal woman!".. and it's been over six months and I never actually updated it, well I guess it's time!

I honestly miss all my friends from Clovis, and the time I spent over there was really nice thanks to every one that helped me and stuff.. I love all of you so much.. I don't if you're gonna get to see this, but here it is!

This year was awsome, even though I didn't have much to do besides studying after I got here.. Christmas was funny, cause half of my house (my mom..) doesn't celebrate it, and I don't think I agree with the real sense of Christmas right now, nothing but what money can buy to some people and what other people wish they had. I might sound confused, but it's pretty much confusing.

I have so many things to say, but I gotta go now.. Love you all!

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Saaaave me! [10 Apr 2004|03:38pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Yesterday was really funny! I went to get my picture taken with the Esater Bunny :) .. who is Bev by the way! Then we were talking to Ginnie, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend; a german ex-exchange student!! He was pretty cute! When I left the mall, I stopped at the Java Loft and got me a caramel machiato! And had a little discussion with Ivin (no idea how to spell his name) about how caffeine is bad for you.. but how good it tastes! (PS: Me, Bev and Shiray agreed he's really cute..!) So, after my coffee and talk I went to Hastings to finish spending my $25 gift certificate ;) hahaha I had nothing else to do.. and shopping makes you feel good! Especially when you don't spend any money of your own! I bought two movies, Chicago (I'm probably sending it to my friends as her birthday present) and Down with Love. But the thing I liked the most about what I bought... SMALLVILLE SOUNDTRACK! :) Yes, I am kind of a superhero freak! And Smallville rocks! Plus.. the new Clark is hot! ;) But that's not why I bought it.. #1 I really like the soundtrack #2 It remind me of some of my friends and it just makes me laugh!
Today I was gonna go with my host family somewhere to somebody's burthday party, but because it's cold and stuff we're probably not going anymore. So I think I'm gonna go watch "The Price and Me".. I'm just in one of those days, you want no one by your side and you just wanna be alone.. because you're too happy it might scare people! hahaha
This morning I went to Walgreens just to walk down the chocolate aisle. I knew that if I didn't buy any I was ready to start trying to lose at least half the weight I've gained! Guess what? I didn't buy any! Not like I'm gonna keep myself away from chocolate.. sometimes you just need chocolate! And I kinda feel like eating it because of that Down with Love movie.. and Chocolat! But you never know... hahaha
I think I've wrote a lot! So I better end it here today and go do something.. I really don't feel like just sitting here for the rest of the day!
So.. "Ate a proxima!"

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[09 Apr 2004|10:32am]
[ mood | silly ]

Here I am again! You know that Five song, "I woke up today with this feeling, better things are coming in my way. I know the sunshine has a meaning.." That describes my morning! ;) I haven't done anything though.. I barely woke up! But I have a list of things I wanna do. I don't have much to write about.. I just updated it last night! hahaha Ah.. Last night I could sleep! Probably because I slept all day! DUH! So I decided to do that Tae Bo video.. well.. no comments on that! haha But it was fun! But I still couldn't sleep, so I watched Alex and Emma! It's a cute movie! A little crazy, but I liked it! After the movie I was really sleepy! hahaha ..Finally!
That's pretty much all that I have since last night hahaha :P
I feel like going for some good coffee now.. A tall Caramel Machiato sounds really good!
Hmm... hahaha But maybe I should be cheap and wait for happy hour.. Than I can get two! I don't need that much caffeine now, but it's soooo good! So, I better go and maybe I'll use my energy to clean up my room!! haha
Au revoir!

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Why settle for less? [08 Apr 2004|08:18pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So.. It's been forever since I've last got in this Live Journal thing! Today Pam reminded me, so here I am! I'm not gonna update every one on my life for the last days, it's past so it doesn't matter! :) Today I kinda skipped my last too classes.. I was really sleepy! I've been doing both my homework from Brazil and my homework from here! I know.. I know, I'm the luckiest person ever! hahaha :P I was really not gonna do it, but since I got a post card from my best friend I decided too.. and that's a little funny! Because he was saying for me not worry about it and stuff.. but then I felt like it! Even though when everyone was telling to do it before, I wasn't feeling like it! So I'm happy! Maybe I'm just a little hard on myself sometimes.. and picky too by the way! But if there's something you really want and it takes a lot to do it.. why settle for less? Right now there's so many things I want! I want to lose weight, because I know it just feels great to walk by the beach feeling good with yourself! I want to study harder, because I want to do my best, even if I don't pass my university test for the first time! I just need to know I did my best! ... Those will be good for now! :) Well, I think I'm done with this post! There's way too many MSN windows poping up and I better go talk to people! hahaha :) And I just wanted to say Hi! and Thank you to all of my friends here.. and everywhere! I love you so much! :D

Question: ...How possible is it that you think you may like some one you haven't seen in the longest time? :) I don't really know...

PS: I've been feeling loved lately.. today I'm still waking up! ..don't really know how I feel! hahaha That's what I get for sleeping the whole afternoon! :P

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lalala [27 Mar 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hm.. I don't really know what to write but I really feel like writting! I just got back yesterday from Houston, it took more 12 hours! It was fun! But there was no sun :( Oh well.. hahaha
The Mock Trial trip was really fun! And we got second.. I got my ear pierced on the cartilage or whatever it's called.. It didn't hurt but it was reeeed for a while! Thrusday we went out for dinner and Soct was my date yay! Sorry for falling and bringing you down with me! hahaha Stupid shoes! It was funny! And we got to talk a lot on the trip too! :D ...
No more trips for a while, unless I go to the Teen Court one, but the deadline was friday ;)
6 days for my birthday! :D
I guess that's all! I hope we'll do something today!

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Sleeeeepy! [17 Mar 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Today was such a busy day! We had our final deadline for yearbook, it was crazy.. Scot was helping me out with the "quotes" hahahaha By the way, I just left it blank! And Mrs. Sing had a great idea.. but I can't tell! Tomorrow we are leaving for Mock Trial!!! It's gonna be sooo coool! We're gonna have fun.. and we're gonnna win! :)
I did so much chemistry today.. those labs are getting kinda boring! But it's still a little fun.. I don't know!
Sunday I'll be gone to the beach! So I won't write for a while! ...Just now that I got into it! :(
I was so sleepy today, all day long, but I had lots of fun.. Ah, today's Saint Patrick Day! I wore green! I just found out about it last night, but I did! We got free green cookies at the Java Loft today! They were good.. not as good as the Girls Scout ones they gave us also for free! But, green matched my outfit! hahahaha Just kidding!
Well... Good luck for us with Mock Trial! And I'll be back "not-pale"!

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:) [16 Mar 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | :) ]

Oh.. I forgot to say hi to my volleyball partners from yesterday!!! Bev, Shiray, Scot, Vinny, and Sean! ..Scot will never get on a swing's roof ever again! hahaha So funny!! :) So, anyway, I guess that's all for today!! Today was a really good day! And I ate spicy food without water! I know that's no big deal for most people, but it is for me because I usually never eat it! It was really fun! :) Thanks Evan and Evan's mom for inviting me! Carne Adovada was gooood.. :) And I forgot the guy's name that put the Techno on for us at the Java Loft! But thanks! Techno is the best!!! I better go.. I'm sleepy! See ya later! :)Sun is 5 days!!!!!!!

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Spicy!! :) [16 Mar 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I just got back from Evan's house, and we ate some CARNE ADOVADA.. It was really good!!! I actually ate something hot without a liter of water per bite! Evan is going to be an exchange student to Denmark in August!!! That's waaay too cool! Last night I played volleyball after the longest time ever.. We lost to Vinny and Sean, to be honest we just let them win! But.. that's me and Bev's little secret, BIC's stuff! On Sunday I'm leaving to Galveston for Spring Break.. I can't wait to go to the beach again! SUN!!!! I'm sooo pale! :( Maybe I'll windsurf if they have a rental place! I probably won't be good at it anymore, but I'll try! hahahaha Tomorrow is deadline for Yearbook.. so I won't go swimming again! I need to start running or something, or people won't recognize me back in Brazil.. hahahaha I have no idea why I'm laghing, that's not even funny! So.. I guess that's it! I'm getting kinda sleepy! Byeeee, Tchau, Hasta Luego, Au Revoir :D

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happy!! [12 Mar 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Heeyyy!! First time doing this live journal thing! I liiike it! hahahahaha I'm with my best friend Bev at her mom's work! We are BIC girls!hahahaha Don't ask! Hi Bev and Pam! My last two days have been great so I am very happy... Now we are listening to Desperado soundtrack! So I g2g.. Bye!

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